Care to Donate to my work?  Or purchase a Healing Arts session with Myself ??

I would be honored.

You can also buy a Spiritual Healing arts session for yourself here or someone you know or likewise make some "good karma" and simply make a donation to my work to me help off set expenses for the service work I do for others at no charge...

Pay it forward.

Currently I'am writing a manuscript and humbly ask for financial support to take a few months off to finish it and get it online. The working title is: "Living, Dying Being Born..."

and it's about The Spiritual Transformations we undergo in this lifetime... I hope to pull together all the Spiritual knowledge I have gained for the benefit of people along their journey. 

A few bucks would greatly assist me and my spiritual work and help to off set the costs connected to completing this project.

This is my "Go Fund Me" page...and hey ! you'll get a healing in the process: I promise. :)

Make some good karma !! 

You can even donate five or ten dollars and buy me a Starbucks to say "Thanks Kirk." (currently there is over 400 hours of FREE video spiritual based content that I put online in the last 10 years - yeah all FREE: as blogs and videos that I donated my time and money to creating for the advancement and connection of others...currently youtube, vimeo and dailymotion and blogger.)

so in humble gratitude I ask for and accept donations of any amount to off set expenses.  

Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanking you in advance:

Namaste and All Blessings