Get Unstuck: Oracle Session with Soul Plan reading.

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kirk the Shaman 2018 .jpg

Get Unstuck: Oracle Session with Soul Plan reading.


Ready to get unstuck ?

As a Natural born Trance Medium and Professional “Soul Plan” Reader I will channel the messages you require and get you the clarity you seek: together we will get you the answers you need, your choices will become clear and I will then give you my Sage Spiritual Advisement.

This Oracle Session is one of my personal favorites.

As your personal Oracle I will utilize The Akashic Records, The Esoteric system of the Tarot, Spirit guides, several Oracle Decks and access to the Akashic records of past lives as well as read your “Soul Plan for this lifetime to assist you towards your greater Enlightenment and Fulfillment.

Together we will obtain a greater Clarity about your past, present and future and a deeper understanding of what you truly need for the next phase of your Souls Evolution and Enlightenment. Many of my clients report profound transformations after experiencing this Healing Arts Session.

I have over 25+ years studying and reading the Esoteric System of the Tarot.

This Spiritual combination makes for a powerful magical healing experience along the Path of your Sacred Journey into light and Healing. This session is always a powerful experience not to be missed! 


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