My name is Kirk Kerber and I’am a Twin Spirited Shaman.  

I'm a spirit mender & soul healer.  It is also known as a “Shamanic healer” or “Medicine person.”

I save my clients time. I bring harmony and healing to your Spirit and Soul. If your looking to obtain a “New Reality” then I’am your man.

I fix people. I shift their perceptions. I cast out doubt.

I re-ignite a person’s fire: I excel in interventions and rock bottom / low bottom situations that seem hopeless.

I will not refuse a client who sincerely and in earnest wishes to be healed.

I’am called the “Dirty Harry of Shamanism” because I will not turn down a person.

Hopeless is NOT in my vocabulary. I’ve seen miracles of healing and transformation: I myself am a “walking Miracle.” as well.

I assist individuals in clarifying, identifying and materializing their greatest potential: as personal Mentor, Coach, Shamanic Healer and/or Advisor & Trance Medium Oracle.

Likewise: I'am a Tarot Professional. 

I have studied the esoteric system of the Tarot for over 25 years and I read for clients as well as teach new students as well. 

I offer Professional Healing Arts Sessions that are accessible and affordable. 


In addition:

I have produced and hosted a Spiritual Topics cable TV & live-stream internet show called

"Kirk Spiritual Television"

for the last 15 years: (earlier versions are also called:
”KirkTV” “Shaman TV” and “Kirk’s Strange Universe.”)

The Live call in program airs on New York City’s Public Access Television network Spirit channel Three every Monday @ 11:30pm eastern time @ with Live call in @ 212 245 - 7273

In the greater nyc area the show can be watched live on high def channel 1997 or you can DVR the entire series as well if you live in Manhattan, NYC.

Past episodes are around on internet on: Youtube, Dailymotion, and The Internet Archive sites.

I encourage new perspective clients to research my work and credentials. A full and complete list and resume of my work is on LinkedIN.

For over ten years I wrote about Spiritual and metaphysical subjects in several blogs.  

The list of articles and books I have read about Spirituality, Religions, esoteric and archaic texts is extensive.

I’am versed in Ancient Alchemy and Personal Alchemy arcs and transitions as well. In the 90’s I built a website devoted to transformational personal “Alchemy” of both the “Lunar path” and the Solar path.”

I’am familiar with Eastern traditions of thought and meditation.

I’am an eternal student of The “Tao.” as well.

I’am energetically aligned with ecstatic and therapeutic trance states and am currently getting certified as an Ericksonian Master Hypnotist.

I’am studying Face Reading and “Micro-esperssions.”

The seminars and courses I have taken in the last 25 or so years is long and extensive: everything from Shamanism with Itzac Beery, to Tarot conventions and classes at The Tarot School with the Amberstones of NYC and seminars on Hypnosis to name a few.

I have been to the Caron Foundation for the week long Family program.

I have over 30 years of attending recovery programs across different issues and fellowships.

I have taken the Artists Way course twice and have met Julia Cameron in person.

I excel in assisting artists and fellow Shaman and spiritual Metaphysical and mystical people to adjust to transitive times in their lives.

I have a working knowledge of Astrology and oftentimes will consult astrologers for my clients as well.

I have had Spiritual and Psychic readings myself with “powerhouse” mystics and psychics: like: Jesse Ann Nichols George and Kelly Reese.

Currently I’am working with Jaime B. Haas of Los Angeles as my Personal coach and mentor and healer on Romantic and interpersonal relationships as well as “Family of origin” issues.

Working with Jaime is truly a transformative experience that I would highly recommend.

I have also a long and lengthy history of always studying and updating for my clients.

I’am versed in Shaman Animal Medicine, Angel healings, and essential oils.

I read past lives from the “Akashic Records” and know how to “release” them for my clients as well if they impede a clients progress in this life and so much more…

I look to my own journey of healing as well to assist me in having compassion and hope for my clients in whatever area they need.

You can contact me for any reason, even to say “Hello” or tell me your story @

I totally enjoy hearing of your spiritual journeys and insights and I personally answer every email myself.

When I’m not "Spirit Walking" around the Fifth Dimension assisting and channeling for my clients, or supporting them as they allow their dreams to manifest: you will find me at home in prayer & meditation with my totally awesome Dachshund Hound: Snuggles. :)

My Healing Arts Services are available worldwide by the hour via Phone, Mac Facetime Video Chat, Facebook or in person by referral.


My full professional resume can be found here on LinkedIN:

 Further In Depth:


Here's my Story:

My entire life has been a quest for Inspiration, Wisdom, Healing, Bliss, Knowledge, Compassion and understanding and I wish to pass that along to my clients: I had my first meditation experience when I was ten years old.

When I was 12 I was asked by my mom to choose any book in the entire store and I chose a self help book by Wayne Dyer.

As a kid I would gather the neighborhood kids into our garage and hold "Seances."

I have been told many times by fellow mystics, mediums and healers that I have been given the gift of being a full "Trance Medium" with all spiritual gifts.

It is my sincere desire to utilize my experience, knowledge, gifts and studying to the benefit of my clients.

For the last 30 years I have been clearing my mind body and spirit to become a greater channel for your healing thru: Divine Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence.

My entire life has been about contemplating and seeking answers and clarity about the mystical spiritual metaphysical aspects of our psyches spirits and souls…

When I was a kid I seemed to naturally possess the aura demeanor and spirit of a priest or monk or father confessor.

The other kids and even adults around me would ask me questions about what to do about their lives and sought out my counsel.

When I was around 10 years old I had a fort "clubhouse" that I built on the side of my parents house. 

One day after a thunder and rain storm passed I went out to watch the overflowing waters rush and flood the streets…

I had an experience of entering another mystical realm naturally and seemed to connect to the thunder, the rain and the water and the noises of the birds and the breezes thru the trees. I seemed to connect to them in a way that wasn’t like my “other reality.” 

Since it was trash pick up day I stood on the curb and noticed our neighbor had thrown out a perfectly good large candle…

I retrieved it and brought it back to my clubhouse and light the candle and as if I had done it hundreds of times.

I had entered into a sacred realm: I naturally assumed a meditation pose and focused on the golden light of the candle flame.

Then closing my eyes I went into my first (in this lifetime) 

meditation and deep "Trance."



The mark of many shamen is one or several traumatic experiences in child hood.

I feel it was destiny from the beginning that I become an initiated Shamanic Healer as I had several physical traumas from the beginning which included:

my ring finger being cut off in an accident: Near Death Experience number one.

(it was sewn back on thankfully and grew into a perfect working finger.)

Also having my head split open twice:

both times losing consciousness - once for over a day...I lost almost half the blood in my small body as I was in the desert at the time and far away from an emergency room. This was Near Death Experience number two.

I also cut open both of my feet around this time on a jagged edged piece of glass on the floor of a lake.

Likewise: a year or two after those traumas I was hospitalized with Pneumonia and just barely survived.

also Common to Shamen is a major or series of  

electric shocks that may be life threatening.

of which I have had several but one in a bathtub became yet another near death experience where angelic helper angels spoke to me and guided me out of the situation becoming "final."

I heard a Voice: it said:

"kirk! this is real! You have to get out of this..." and then the "reality" where I headed for final death then shifted... 

I experienced time stopping while being "electrocuted" and it occurred to me in that suspended state that yes space and time can be manipulated in a spiritual mystical metaphysical sense…

The Memory is choppy and chaotic and I remember sitting down for a very long time after being shocked and not remembering how I got to the bed.


I was always a natural healer / nurturer and empath 

however I had no idea that I had walked into this life time with all of these gifts and likewise had no one to assist me to recognize them or learn about them, or explain anything about who I was or what I was: people seemed to describe me as weird, an "alien" and strange at times.

I began reading everything I could get my hands on about self help and spirituality and God and psychology and mysticism, ancient religious and spiritual texts: Alchemy. Hermetic writings. Esoteric systems and more...

I'am always studying and reading: always trying to stay updated and fresh with new ideas for my clients and my further psychic spiritual and mystical evolvement.

One of the things that spiritual psychically sensitive gifted people need to be aware of is the effect that recreational drugs and alcohol have on our bodies. We are very sensitive souls in mind and body and spirit.

I had to learn about how herbs and drugs and alcohol have an amplified effect on a person like myself.


Also around the time of losing consciousness due to the head trauma in the desert I picked up and began experimenting with drugs and alcohol…

perhaps subconsciously and medicinally at first but soon I was medicating and drinking and getting high as often as I could.

I believed I opened my spiritual channels at this time from around 12 years old when I had my first drug overdose.

I would eventually have to get sober and drug free in 1984 at just 24 years old. At that time there was only a few drug and alcohol rehabs in the entire country so I had to detox myself on a friends couch. Cold sweats and "cold turkey" as they say.


At the worst low point of my drug and alcohol addictions I was having visions and prophetic dreams and dreams of powerful spiritual beings taking me to the other side - to golden temples of light - dark figures and angels ripping me apart - more visions,

prophetic dreams and psychic premonitions

about the world and friends, the future, vision quests

shamanic rituals and more other dimensions.


I was in a fraternity at my College and I become the Master of Rituals and Spiritual ceremonies paying attention to the details of Opening Rituals, lighting candles burning sage and doing initiation rites: I was a natural at it.

At this time as well that I took a comparative religion class. 

Our assignment for the semester was to simply visit a different church, temple, synagogue or place of worship and write a paper about it. 

I experienced and was exposed to many different religious and spiritual ideas at this time as well as an "Exorcism" or conversion experience from a Maranatha preacher. 

I read religious and spiritual literature constantly always seeming to look for something…

I was obsessed with the book of revelations and read it daily.

I wanted to feel close to God but in fact I always felt far far away...from life from myself and others.

The chasm between myself and my spirit and my body & Soul was ever widening...


Upon graduating from college I traveled thru Europe. Thru a series of mystical serendipity's with my Bible I ended up on the Greek island of Patmos where Saint John wrote the book of revelations in the "Cave of the Apocalypse!"

Likewise at the very top of the mountain that frames the Island of Patmos and The cave of The Apocalypse there is a monastery. 

I went up to the top of the mountain and asked if I could join the order of brothers and live a monastic life. 

I was truly ready to leave the world behind and at 23 years old to devote my life to prayer and contemplation: I felt old, tired and world weary enough to want to commit my life to “God."

but alas the brother that I spoke to that day said that I was “too young.” as he waved his hand at me and even slammed the door shut in my face! 

so I went back into the world with grief and pain, feeling that "God" did not want me...

I left the island that week having yet another of many near death experiences as an adult. 

I hitched a ride on to a medium sized sailboat and we were caught in a white-out squall in the middle of the afternoon and nearly drowned the boat began to sink over come with waves and water! and then suddenly the storm ceased and we were rescued.

After that...

I wandered around the Greek Islands and Europe having lost my money and clothes in the sinking yacht: 

and then finally flying back to London penniless relying on the kindness of strangers until finally flying to NYC with 7 dollars in my pocket 


My adventure in being a beggar, hustler, street urchin, active alcoholic and lost Soul was coming to a close: it was obvious that I was Divinely directed to Get sober at this time. 

Got Sober. 

I knew I was finished with the drinking and the drugs however I had no idea what would come next:

I let go and let God as they say.

At some time during the month of July or the month of August 1984 I put the bottle down and a clarity revealed itself that I had never known. 

"It's over." I heard ring softly in my ears one morning around 4am after a night of NYC drinking downtown.


Today I'am now clean and sober over 30 years...


Being sober has allowed me to focus and streamline my thoughts on my Higher Vision and true Purpose and many passions: 

spirituality, metaphysics, religion mysticism, prayers Spiritual media, Esoteric knowledge, poetry, cooking, Divine and Emotional Intelligence


of course, being a "Dachshund hound Daddy." which is an incredible source of Joy for me. 



I have also taken classes and or studied:

Herbs and Herbal Medicine

Color and Aroma therapy

The esoteric systems of The Tarot and Alchemy 

Jungian Symbolism 

Art history 

Eastern healing modalities 

Energy Healing / Auras / Chakras

Blocked Creative - Artist issues

Drug and Alcohol Recovery issues

Self care and Food

Spiritual practice / prayers

Core Forgiveness

Christian / Buddhist / Jewish mysticism  

Zen Meditation

COA / ACOA clearing and release

and more.



I have always been more comfortable with the "other side" the Spiritual world is my true home:

perhaps that's why I have had five near death experiences which I talk about in my online videos as well as my weekly cable tv and internet broadcasts.

it doesn't matter what Spiritual Session you choose to have with me my focus is always on your Highest Healing Enlightenment Insight and Empowerment

My spiritual contemplation & prayer for the day:


"I send wealth to those in poverty. I wish Light and peace and compassion to those in despair. I wish health to those in pain and sickness.

I wish healing and wholeness to those in addictions. I wish protection to all animals everywhere.

I wish to end the suffering of all living things.

I send out these prayers in earnest knowing somewhere they are creating a better world for us all.

May the Spirit of Compassion and peace and sanity fill your world with Light and Love.

Love heals and makes us whole: in love there is no attack, there is only understanding and acceptance.

In Love there is Divine Intelligence and Spiritual Light.

May this Light and Love surround you now and may you pass this along to everyone you know

Amen and so it is Shakti !!"

Warm regards,

Thank you for reading this far and if you have I send you mystical blessings of healing and Light.

Shakti !!

Warm regards,




Clear Present Awake Aware Authentic


My Healing Arts Services are available worldwide

by the hour via:

Phone, Mac Facetime Video Chat, Facebook Skype, Email 

or in person. 

For more details email me @ kirktv@gmail