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What is a Shaman and what does a Shaman do ?



 "Basically after doing what I do for people and have been doing for over 25 years: The short version is that I resolve conflicts for people. I assist them in remembering who they are and what they are and why they came into this life:

I don't give advice and call it Spiritual Guidance. I teach people how to think not what to think.

Every Client's experience is "Custom-tailored" for them after we connect and I as "Medium" receive the core message from their Higher Self but there is more to this and there is not one word that totally encompasses what I do. some of my Clients do call me their "Guru" which means teacher.

When I support Clients to step into their Power thats being a Coach but when I step into another Dimension Spiritual Psychic and Emotional/Mental and move energies around or retrieve parts of their Souls and Mend their Spirits then thats called: A “Shaman."



As a "natural born" Medium Oracle Shamanic Healer and student of Esoteric systems of Alchemy and the Tarot system of Divination I will utilize my gifts on your behalf.

I Channel as personal Oracle for you from Fifth Dimensional Avatars/Angels along with Prayer and affirmations to bring you to the place of healing and wholeness.

Together we will get you the answers you seek to move forward and banish your pain fears doubts and shadows and bring you forth into the Light of your True Higher self - your angel self and buddha self.

My asking compensation is reasonable compared the gifts you will receive.

I have 25+ years experience: studying, praying, listening, healing, helping and assisting clients to move forward and step into the true light of their power.

I want you to know what I know:

Divine Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence and Connection.




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