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Kirk Kerber Shaman #Kerber



"Your on a third dimensional hamster wheel. You feel old and tired. You fork over a couple of hundred dollars to Kirk and think: "Good luck with this one Bunky." Well, you've seen the unanimous reviews here, Kirk obviously has the "planetary juice and can tell you the entire spiritual architecture of your life (and past lives) as well as your desires.

But here's the Real thing: 

you may be an old soul but this dude will tell you the stuff you don't know...Specific, Goddess-smacking, delicious kinds of stuff. He is obviously channeling a star consciousness, some Bodhisattvas ruby-thunderstorms -- I do not know. I CAN tell you that I'am old. I have seen everything, and he shook me to my core. I prepared thirteen questions for him and I never read one aloud. Kirk answered each question in the order in which they were written, without prompts. Our session was via telephone -- Kirk was in Manhattan: I was in Wisconsin. Chew on that for a moment. 

Kirk told me at the end of my reading that message might continue to be given from spirit within the next couple of days and that I might feel light headed from the energies. He told me to let the reading percolate and if he received additional spiritual information, he would email me. The following day a Hawk met me on the sidewalk. I live in an urban area. The Hawk sat near me for 45 minutes. Synchronicity can be "road-tested." Symbolic Hawk meanings center around awakening to your Soul's purpose. I suspect Kirk (or one of his spooky representatives) arranged this Hawk conference as a sacred confirmation. 

Kirk is a true 21st century "Curanderos" never seeking power for himself: just others to realize their dreams for the good of the world. Trust that he will inspire you to step into your greatest self. Know that he will be kind and that he is ethical. He is pure genius and he is ever true.

Kirk's most definitely a 5-D messenger. Your session will be magic on this Earth. Bring your "A Game."

Jane Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"In my experience of working with previous energy workers, my all time favorite was working with Kirk, because he assists in your own individual process of redirecting energies in order to break through negative patterns relating to being "stuck".  Kirk shares knowledge, suggests daily mediation, and provides a focus based on your session together that is individually based on where you are at in your own spiritual journey. He gives all credit for his spiritual gifts directly to God, and remains completely humble! I love that the assistance and God energy flows from God and through him, rather than Kirk claiming it's His......he is a truly blessed with spiritual powers....BECAUSE HE HAS REMAINED HUMBLE!! Thank you Kirk for really caring about the people you help and for doing what you do for the RIGHT REASONS!!" 

Lori K.                                                                                         ********


Kirk Spiritual Healing Arts Professional / Kirk has over 25+ years experience bringing people into their Highest Divine Selves and Spiritual Power.


"Kirk: you are STELLAR at what you do. All your readings were exceptionally accurate. Your passion and zest for life is infectious. You have so much insight as well a a hypnotic voice."

Monty C.


"Kirk is a mighty gift from the universe. Kirk continues to use his spiritual gifts to help individuals on their Divine path. I have been fortunate to have been guided to Kirk and to have his love, power and enlightenment impact my journey. I'am so thankful that Kirk takes his time with me very seriously. I know it is his great desire to move me to my best and greatest self. I feel Kirk takes me as an individual where I'am and uses his unique abilities to help ME receive the vision the UNIVERSE is imparting to ME. Kirk's deep desire coupled with his many spiritual gifts continues to align me with my highest and greatest self. He has empowered me to shine my light and find the love, joy and peace I was once searching for. Thank you Kirk for helping me to get my power back and to be the happy, healthy, prosperous and wealthy man that the Universe has called me to be. With love, I'am eternally grateful!"

Sam R. 


Divine Intelligence / Spiritual Intelligence / Emotional Intelligence

"Kirk is an incredible shaman with his finger on the pulse of some of the universe's great mysteries. I give him my highest recommendation if you're looking for a link with the unknown. He is an expert at connecting you with the information that always seems to be at arms length. I definitely recommend conferencing with him or if you are in town, a full tarot reading. It will change your life."

Jeffrey K

"Kirk is unbelievable!! He unlocked doors and answered questions I have had since my childhood. He is personable, down to Earth and pulls no punches. great Guidance and Compassion."


"Kirk is a wise and ancient soul and his insight offers a much needed beacon in these spiritually dark times. His keen ear, kind heart and wise words will go far to help drown out the cacophony of white noise and spiritual distraction offered by the modern world."

S. Michael W.


"Every day I am honored to have met Kirk. Every day I am awed as the healing and transformations in my life continue to unfold. I hired Kirk about a year ago for a shamanic healing session, then a few months later for a few life-coaching sessions. He says that he “specializes in people who are stuck” and I must attest to the accuracy of that assessment. For the better part of a decade, I was stuck in old patterns that did not serve me, and after long seeking of healing, I ran across Kirk’s videos. His wit, gritty humor, grounded perspectives, wisdom, compassion, and authenticity sold me. Kirk takes his work very seriously and is a true professional in his desire to help people become what they are meant to be - to seize the reigns of their lives which somehow along the way, had fallen away.

Kirk helped me connect to a part of myself I knew was “out there” somewhere, but somehow had lost along the crooked ride of life’s bumps and ditches. If you are tired of the struggles of life, depressed by the fact that little things seem like insurmountable problems, feel like every step is a trudge through knee-deep mud, and are ready to leave that behind to change, move, breathe, grow, expand, laugh -

then it’s time to make the jump to solidity and seek the help of healing through Kirk –

and become who you know you are meant to be. Kirk’s spiritual healing showed me how to take charge of my own life, to own my life, to love my life. To love myself. Unlike his videos, which are sometimes rambling and extemporaneous, in a healing or other session, Kirk is hyper-focused, tapped in and on fire. From my experience, above all else, Kirk maintains a pure spirit of humble service and interest in the transformational work within his client.

I enthusiastically recommend Kirk for your healing.
With profound gratitude,
Best Regards"

Holly G.

"Insightful, intuitive, empathetic and visionary. I highly recommend Kirk. He is able to guide and gently and clearly allow whoever he works with to see the truth in any situation. He is a perfect guide, teacher and mentor."

Victoria B.


"Kirk's Shaman intuition gave me the push I needed to set me on my path. I had been lost and looking for the next step, and without me really realizing it at the time, Kirk opened the door for me. Thanks Kirk :)" Robert S.

"Kirk's intuitions, compassion and empathetic ways enable him to excavate and examine matters of heart and soul.

Kirk has a wonderful ability to listen to the heart." Robert D

"This is some of the most important work for humanity - to incite and raise spiritual consciousness. I highly recommend Kirk to all people, especially seeker and those who disdain..." Dr. Mark Kuebel

"Kirk is a gifted psychic. He is very intuitive in figuring out a person's aura. His readings and advice have brought uncanny insight into my own life and knowledge of myself." Max Y

"Kirk is an insightful, motivating and effective spiritual advisor. He can help you (as he has helped me) realize and actualize the potential that lies within you ! - A true guru!" Kenne E.

"He's the real deal. I use the exercises he recommended and am shifting core beliefs."

Jeffrey G.

"Kirk is insightful, compassionate and focused on helping you with any and all issues you are facing. He has given me "tools" that have helped me through many rough spots in my life. He listens without judgement and guides you through the steps necessary to face and deal with your fears, phobias and whatever is keeping you "stuck."

Thank you Kirk for all that you have done for me. Many blessings to you." Cindy Z.

Spiritual Healing Arts Sessions / Tarot Oracle / Empath Guidance / Shamanic Healing / Life Coach Vision Support / Trance Healing Hypnosis offered and more… 

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