Get A Plan.

It’s true what Warren Buffet says: “Any fool with a plan can beat a genius without one: every time.”

“The “gap” between you and what you desire to obtain and where you are now stands for:


The plan can be a loose idea to start with: it doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to come with some thought.

Take some time. Map out the beginning, the middle and the end of the game.

REMEMBER: During ANY process:

“The Middle is always a mess.”

and this is where most people simply give up and say: “Oh, it didn’t work.”

Get The Picture ??

Kirk Kerber Professional Oracle Advisor Medium.

I have been assisting individuals and streamlining my Spiritual Healing Arts Modalities for over 25 years.

I also produce and host a call-in cable tv and internet show every Monday Night 11:30pm Eastern. We have been on the air for over 15 years. Past shows and interviews can be seen online @ Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Kirk Spiritual Healing


I specialize in clients that are stuck: high profile clients - Clients who are dedicated to Personal Excellence:

High Intensity Clients, people in recovery, Artists, celebrities, film industry moguls, Lightworkers and Healers and people just like you.

I would be honored to assist you where ever you are at in the process of your Spiritual Journey.

If the Spirit is calling you and us to work together please email me here on the contact page 

or kindly pass this along to a friend whom you believe would benefit from what I do.

blessings Love and Light



I offer 9 basic Healing Arts Sessions to my clients:





Consultant / Assessment 

Compassionate Listening


This your time.

This is about you and only you. 

No judgement. No Fear.

I'am your keeper of secrets.  

Whatever happens in a session stays with me.

Discretion is assured.

It is always an honor to assist people along the path of their spiritual journeys.



Clarify. Simplify. Streamline. 


Ready to make a shift ?

Ready to Transition into being fully awake ?

Totally present ?

Willing to step into your greater Light ?

Own your Spiritual Power ?

Ready to get a clear vision of your destiny ? 

Then your in the right place.

My Spiritual gifts bring healing: Spiritual Medicine:

Greater clarity.


I will break it down into simple clear concepts for you.

In one of my Healing Arts Sessions we will get you the answers you need and assist you in making the choices you need to make.

The "heart" of the matter will become Clear.

You will be able to be and do and have and own or experience what you desire with a few simple daily steps toward your Highest Vision.

Your Divine Vision.

I will assist you in making the internal spiritual and psychic changes you only dreamt possible.

It's simple: its not easy but it can be done.


With Clarity comes Power.

You have The Power to choose.