Kirk Kerber

Healing Arts Professional 


Master Hypnotist

offers 9 basic Healing Arts Sessions:

Please note all new clients are asked to first book the “Assessment Session.” This session will help me to find out the best way I can help you.

The Assessment is 45 minutes long and provides you with my feedback at the end of the session.

After the Assessment has been completed

here are the basic

Sessions I offer:

 in further depth:

* 1. Spiritual Healing Arts as Oracle.

Personal Oracle with or without Tarot reading.

* 2. Soul Plan - Soul Arc

Akashic reading.  

* 3. Shamanic Healing / Spirit Mending - Soul Medicine. This session is approved on a case by case only.

My agreement to work on you as Shamanic healer would be after the assessment only.

* 4. Coaching:

Transformational / Transitional Life Coaching

in one month increments (Four consecutive sessions booked at the same time and the same day of the week.)

*5. Compassionate Listening.

*6. Mentoring about your

Spiritual Gifts / Psychic Abilities.

*7. “Late Night "Fixer.”

*Details and price on request*

(retainer is set up beforehand.)

*8. Spiritual Healing Arts Session.

Provides a Full energetic healing


Client focused Individual Custom Healing.

*9 Trance Healing Hypnosis Sessions.

From one to three depending on the clients request and or issue.


Before you can book an appointment you will need one of the following:


* A working phone for a phone to phone Spiritual Session.


1. Facebook Skype: you will need a working Facebook Profile with the Facebook Skype app downloaded.


2. Facetime Apple/Mac IPhone

Video chat app installed and downloaded

on your IPhone and/or Mac computer or compatible device


3. Google Hangout.

A Gmail account account with the working and downloaded video app all ready installed on your computer with a High Speed Internet Connection.


 Here are the Appointment Times that I offer:


Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday


4pm / 7pm or 9pm (or later)

Eastern Time Zone


* You will also need a QUIET & noise free INDOOR space for the span of one full hour during your Spiritual Session where you can:


* Write / make notes, Sit pray listen and or meditate; as well as light a candle and some sage and focus and receive the channeled messages.


* For more in depth information please see the:

"Spiritual Sessions"

link on this site 


The "FAQs" (Frequently Asked Questions)

link on this site.


Ready Set Go! 

If your ready to book the Assessment Session then please go to the "Contact" page of this site and fill out the form.

I will get back to you we will confirm a day and time.

Please go to the "Donation" page and donate the asking compensation and well set the time and book your session.


All Blessings 






Kirk is natural born trance medium empath and initiated shaman at your Service on Youtube / Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin / Pinterest / Vimeo Instagram

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