Intervention: On Request: Kirk Late Night Fixer: Spiritual Crisis or Emergency

Kirk Kerber #kerber #shaman #nyc Rainbow #buddha .png
Kirk Kerber #kerber #shaman #nyc Rainbow #buddha .png

Intervention: On Request: Kirk Late Night Fixer: Spiritual Crisis or Emergency


11pm - 3am Eastern Text first for availability 917 326 9697 with details.

 It's late at night you cant sleep. Your choked up with Anxiety & Panic. You've got to get your head together for a big presentation in the AM. or You've got to be on the set, the courtroom or at the airport. Everything feels and seems wrong. You don't want anyone to know or anyone to see you like this. Take heart. 

I'am your guy for late night crisis fixing: Spiritual Emergencies and last minute Coaching.

I will talk you down and get your head together. It's one of my specialities. I'am a total pro when it comes to this: I will bring light to darkness and free you up to get the Clarity.

I understand and I get it.

When you need to talk to someone right now! This session is available for you. Consider me "On Call."

After 11pm or later : thru the phone.

Don't Panic! just Send me an email immediately to kirktv@gmail and write

"Spiritual Emergency" in the subject line: then call this landline:

212 247 - 3210 leave me a message with your number. I will call you back.

please note this number does NOT take texts. 

I should get back to you within the hour. 

It's going to be all right: I promise. 

I will get your mind clear: your thoughts in order and your heart soothed.

When you can't afford to be anything less than perfect in the AM choose this Session.

When it's totally worth it to be on your Game thats when people call me.

By the hour.


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Fixer / Spiritual Emergency / Spiritual Crisis

This session is only available from 11pm till 3am.

and thru phone only as available.

Direct phone

calls only 

Please leave me a message.

rate per hour 

payable in advance